Founded over 30 years ago; Crystal Art Gallery is the only industry leader following a good/better/best strategy, segregating its product line into nine distinct brands that appeal to discount, mas merchant and higher end retailers. The Crystal Art Gallery companies are proud to be a completely vertical supplier. Crystal Art is also the only industry participant that offers a full line of all four major wall decor categories; Framed Art, Mirrors, Photo Frames, and alternative art.

We are industry leading product development specialists for mass market, with extensive knowledge of alternative wall decor and home decor accent categories. We possess memberships in multiple and world wide design and trend organizations, and attend all major U.S. and International trade shows. We keep our finger on the pulse of upcoming trends and are continually sourcing new and innovative products and factories allowing us to plan, manage and update or product assortment. One of Crystal Art’s key strengths is its design department comprised of over 50 experienced artists, designers, product developers, and graphic professionals. Our customers have come to rely on the company’s strong design team to provide the latests prints, trends and treatments; resulting in new and unique wall decor products specific to their needs.

Crystal Art designs, sources, displays, warehouses, and distributes products at its 250,000 square foot Los Angeles facility and 75,000 square feet in Mexico. The company has a distinct freight cost advantage and has an ocean freight arrangement that provides the fastest delivery time from China to the U.S., allowing Crystal Art to quote shorter lead times to its customers. Having showrooms in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Nashville and Hong Kong gives us the flexibility to meet with our customers across the country and around the globe. Our Hong Kong showroom is used for customer presentations and a 25 person staffed office, wich performs quality control in all of its factories based on products specifications and samples received from the U.S. The China office also is responsible for monitoring the status of merchandise and orders in conjunction with the company’s import coordinators in the U.S.


At Crystal Art Gallery, we believe that intelligent business and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. Our goal has always been to implement sustainable practices in all facets of our operations and through the actions of our associates.

Core Values

At Crystal Art Gallery, we are committed to superior quality products. Our process involves more than just the products themselves; we constantly strive to deliver the highest quality service to our clients by utilizing a combination of teamwork and individual professionalism. By putting forward our best in all aspects of our business, we have been rewarded with increased sales.


"To Know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded."

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

This quote has inspired our Crystal Art team to help many others breathe easier. Crystal Art Gallery has always supported the community with its charitable efforts. Our staff has served on the food lines for Thanksgiving meals for the homeless to making donations to corporate sponsorship like Give Kids The World, City of Hope, and Special Olympics among others. Giving back will always be a part of Crystal Art Gallery.